Children's Safe Harbor, Inc.

Visitation Exchange Services

About Us

Children’s Safe Harbor, provides a safe place for families to use when exchanging children for visitation. Parents may access services through court order, agency referral or by self-request.  Please see the Order Directing Use of Visitation Exchange Services to access services through the court. If a family is referred through an agency or by self-request, they can contact Children’s Safe Harbor directly at 815-316-7772. There are no fees to utilize Children’s Safe Harbor services.

Before services can begin, parents (separately) must complete an intake/orientation with Children’s Safe Harbor staff.  During the intake/orientation staff will address program polices that include but are not limited to:

  • Safety.
  • Scheduling.
  • Documentation.
  • Expectations for parents.
  • Guests.
  • Security.
  • Program guidelines related to no-shows, cancellations and late arrivals.
  • Client privacy.
  • Review of records.

Once both parent’s intake/orientation has been completed, staff will work with parents to develop a routine visitation exchange schedule that is based on their unique family needs.

Please see our brochure for more information.




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